Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Week Five Thing #11

As I sat on my couch tonight to tackle my homework, I could not help but turn on the television to have as background noise. One of my casual shows is "The Biggest Loser." I can't say I'm a religious fan; however, I do watch it when I find myself home during the time that it airs. Once I had finished thing #10, I felt motivated to work on #11. I felt this assignment gave a little element of choice between professional and personal websites that a person would enjoy. I chose to review the short list after I was so overwhelmed with the Google Blog search from our last week. I appreciated the alphabetical order of categories and could not help but choice a health site entitled: PeerTrainer. It has been a goal of mine to stick with a specific health regimen, and I found this website to be a wealth of information as well as motivation. I also enjoyed that the majority of this websites offerings were free. With so much information, I found myself engrossed in the articles. The final verdict: I signed up for a membership and am looking forward to the changes that it ensues. On a final note, though the website I chose to explore is not directly related to library or my current profession, I think it is of paramount importance that sometimes we do put our well-being first. Trying to stay on top of every new concept, technology included, can be exhausting and time-consuming. To truly be fantastic teachers or librarians we have to find the balance between work and home.


  1. You are so right about balance! I was going to the Y almost every day in the summer but since school started I've hardly been there. I can really feel the difference! Your site sounds like a good motivator.

  2. I watch the Biggest Loser too. The peer trainer website sounds great. You'll have to share your progress.

  3. it's true that when you're looking for sites that address your personal life, then you're more comfy about incorporating them into libraries