Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Week 5 Thing #10

How fun this project was! I chose to "Warhol" this photo from FD Toys because I live in Pittsburgh, the home of the Andy Warhol museum. The entertainment value of the image manipulation programs is high; however, I can easily see myself getting sucked in playing around, rather than focusing on the goal. As a music teacher, I often try to do cross curricular activities such as developing a comic strip to go with a classical song or telling a story that coincides with a particular song. I think utilizing technology might be a nice change to the students drawing their own pictures. My concern at an elementary school would definitely be the ease of inappropriate pop-ups to appear on their screen as well as the discovery of lude images. I do think utilizing these resources would require some serious screening but would be worth it. As for the moment, while I am still experimenting, I will utilize them by creating visuals for student learning rather than allowing them to begin creating until I can fully investigate what these programs have to offer!

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