Thursday, September 10, 2009

7 1/2 Habits of Successful Lifelong Learners

I am so excited about this new adventure into the 23 Things! I loved listening to the 7 1/2 habits of successful lifelong learners and found myself already reflecting while I was listening to it.
I would say that my strenghth is definitely #1: Begin with the end in mind. In each endeavor, I always try to preaccess the situation and discover what I plan to accomplish. I produce lists of both short term and long terms goals and find that it helps me to remain focused on the task at hand. With that said, I am very task oriented and do not care for hiccups in my day to day View problems as challenges is my weakness. I hate when things go wrong and get very frustrated at times when I have a different goal and get side-tracked by dealing with a problem. In hind sight, I always appreciate those types of experiences; however, I prefer to plan my learning. For instance, I would prefer to learn how to change a tire before that occurs rather than be stranded on the side of the road fumbling to figure it would out!

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  1. Hi!
    Isn't it fun! I like the background you chose...same as mine...good taste! I also chose #3 as the most difficult for me. I find that it's a constant. Luckily I tend to be a Pollyanna so I usually find the bright side. But, that may not be until after the "problem" has taken up tons of time! Oh, well, learning experiences! Anyway, I hope you enjoy your blog!