Friday, September 25, 2009

Week Four Thing #9

My assignment was to investigate different strategies for finding feeds. My absolute favorite resource was the "Edublog Awards." I felt that this site led me to some quality resources with high precision and low recall (I learned that vocabulary in my research class.) Some of the other sources, such as Google Blog Reader, provided me with far too many hits that were not of interest. I do find this whole searching for quality blogs quite overwhelming. It is difficult for me to develop online relationships or want to read from strangers...I guess I'm a bit old-fashioned. :0) If I encountered more fool proof sites such as "Edublog" I would be quite interested in investigating these sites further.


  1. I think you are correct - going to the blogs identified by the pros as being the best of the edublogs is the way to go. it makes a lot of sense to start at the top!

  2. Agreed. With so much out there it's nice to see what is recommended.