Sunday, September 20, 2009

Week 3 Thing #6

I will say that this was not my favorite of activites. While I appreciate the idea of photo sharing, I barely have enough time to upload my photos in order to get them developed, much less play around with graphics and what not. I did explore mosaic making and what not and just did not find a ton of value in it. Was it fun? Yes. If I had a little more time on my hands it would definitely be something I would be interested in doing; however, for right now, I am going to stick with this blogging business and learning other aspects of technology (as you will see in my next post) that I find to be a bit more relavent to my technological goals.

BTW, if you happen to have some practical ways that you use these photo websites in the classroom, please feel free to share as I would love creative ideas to incorporate this feature in my classroom.

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