Sunday, October 4, 2009

Week 5, Thing #12

I created a webliography for some William Shakespeare websites that I found to be both easy to maneuver and educationally appropriate. My husband is an English teacher and does a unit on Shakespeare. I developed a lesson plan where the students would first learn brief background regarding William Shakespeare as well as read one of his works. Once they did this as a group, each student, or pair of students, would be assigned one of his works. Their job would be to research the work utilizing the recommended sites, and to present a synopsis of that work and its significance.
I appreciated this site for its novel idea but was not overwhelmingly impressed with it's efficiency. Loading each page took over a minute and with high speed Internet, people are not accustomed to waiting for anything anymore. I believe this website once stream-lined to run a bit faster would be an excellent tool for both students and teachers to use in school and at home. I am hoping to create a Rollyo next for recipe websites!

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  1. Why are you using mainly Rhyme Zone? use it once for vocab, but even then there are better sites: or
    There are so many websites on Shakespeare.