Sunday, October 18, 2009

Week 6, Thing #15

Yet another superb learning experience for me. I was immediately engaged by the YouTube video featuring the cartoon characters. My husband even stopped what he was doing to sit, watch, and listen. Though I apprecaiated the refresher course on copyright principles, I was even more enthralled with the topic of creative commons. As I look at my school district I see this principle utilized as teachers in my building share ideas, methods, and resources with one another. Monthly, the teachers from each grade level in every building join forces to formally engage in this same process. Creative commons appears to me to be a global approach to the sharing that we do each day with one another.
Education is the last place where someone should be selfish, which is portrayed nicely in the video explaining the concept. I would like to think that if I had great find, I would want to share it with the world in a controlled way while still protecting my right. (Perhaps, I've already had that grand idea, and I just haven't realized it yet.)
Reading about creative commons really gave me hope for our future. Though we, as librarians, need to be advocates of the copyright laws in times when it may not be easy, I find that creative commons is an approach where people can adjust those laws to be protected yet also inspire others. I also found it quite encouraging that a corporation like Google be involved with creative commons as well.

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