Sunday, October 18, 2009

Week 6, Thing #13

I LOVE! I must admit that this is the first feature we have explored thus far that I felt would save me an immense amount of time. is a program that essentially gives a person a portable favorites catalog. I often take my work home with me and find myself searching for a site I was using on my work computer. Without an internet history, a purple link, or my bookmarks, I am lost! This feature seemed to be a fool proof and more effective version of an application that I already use. I can see major benefits to using this site.

In addition, I loved the fact that I do not have to be limited to my bookmark list. Initially, I felt it was invasive to be checking out the bookmarks of others, but then I realized it is just saving someone like me from reinventing the wheel.

I chose to read the supplemental material for this application because I was so enthralled. provided me with some helpful hints. Sometimes I feel that when I go to a website and explore there are so many features I don't utilize. For instance, I have had the same cell phone for three years. I just discovered yesterday that there is a calculator on it because a friend asked me if she could use my phone to check something. Perhaps if I had a tutorial on my cell phone, I could have exhausted all of its possibilities. I give two thumbs up and can't wait to tell the librarian in my school district about it.

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