Monday, November 30, 2009

Netiquette and Digital Citizenship

I enjoyed reading the articles regarding netiquette. I never even considered that it would be rude to cc rather than bcc. I always figured that I have nothing to I know :0) The information seemed pretty straight-forward. It seemed mostly appropriate for adults rather than students; however, I don't think it ever hurts to teach kids etiquette. Our computer facilitator does indeed have a netiquette poster posted. In addition, my school district has strict rules regarding email.

The next portion of our assignment regarding digital citizenship was something I am quite familiar with. The district in which I currently work utilizes the Olweus Anti-Bullying program. We are well-versed in plans of action against bullying, whether it in the classroom, on the bus, or online. Cyber-bullying is growing at terrifying speeds. Even in my childhood I can recall the use of multiple email addresses and screen names. They were used as a tool to intimidate and bully others, including myself. I know these possibilities are a greater problem now with the social networking and use of cell phones. I think it is of paramount importance that the students know that when these instances occur, they have to get somebody involved, be it a teacher or parent.

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