Sunday, November 8, 2009

Week 9, Thing #21

Wow! I feel good about this lesson too. I just listened to a Podcast this morning of my pastor's sermon since I was unavailable for his preaching. It is so nice to have this technology available.

I am an avid Itunes user and have only recently ventured into the world of podcasts. I enjoy having options other than music to listen to and love the fact that podcasts (at least for the most part) are free of charge. I think it is important to note that as the text states podcasts are rarely used as an interractive tool. It is more of a lecture style teaching that can be quite useful...especially for those of us that have a longer commute to work.

I was quite proud of myself that I was able to add the podcast into my blog that I felt was relavent to what I do (musicteachers 911) I did not find a whole lot of information that would be relavent to children but more continuing education for teachers.

Podcasts would be a great tool in which to give a book talk or even a distance learning story time. I tend to think that having a live lecture is always a better option when possible; however, more and more that is not possible. Podcasts bring a personal and live experience without it being personal or live.

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