Sunday, November 8, 2009

Week 9, Thing #23

As I stated in my previous post, due to my long commute to work, I like to listen to things other than music in my car. I am a HUGE fan of the audiobook. To me, there is nothing better than sitting back and listening to a good book while I drive to and from work everyday and throughout my errands. I consistently rent audio books from my library simply put them in order in my cd player. Its reading, without the reading part :0)

I am also familiar with ebooks, though I do not own a device, such as a Kindle. I borrowed one once to experiment with and had difficulty getting past the lack of a book spine and that library smell. Maybe I am a traditional girl after all. For those that have a space constraint and enjoy hoarding books, rather than renting from a library, the ebook seems like the perfect scenario.

The ebook which is available immediately online (almost like an online database entry) is something else I also use regularly. The inherent problem with this scenario is that my computer does not always fit in my purse to take with me.

Unfortunately, when searching the Gutenberg Project, I was unable to view any of the ebooks. It kept saying, "Page could not be found." Though I was dissappointed, I am quite familiar with ebooks through my public library experiences. I was also able to view the many titles available.

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