Sunday, November 1, 2009

Week 8, Thing #19

I loved the Library Thing website! I thought it would be an excellent way for a person to track their own collection. In addition, I couldn't help but think of what a great resource it could be in a classroom (any grade level.) I have already been speaking to my librarian about collaborating with her on a project where the fifth grade students create a wiki of their book reports. This week I came up to her to discuss the possibility of them creating Library Thing accounts. Library Thing would be an excellent tool for the students to track books they have read in specific genres at their library. Wouldn't you have loved to keep track of all of the books you read in your lifetime? In addition, once the students complete a book, they could rate it and provide comments for others to see. Though I liked the idea of the wiki, I am even more excited about having the students create Library Thing accounts. Utilizing this resource could also give them a chance to catalog and organize rather than us doing it for them!

Here is my Library Thing collection for my Modern Day Shakespeare WebQuest:
I chose a variety of books for my lesson that I felt would help the students in various stages of the process. One book had the complete collection of Shakespeare's works. Another gave hints and examples regarding how to write short stories. I chose two books to help the students analyze their chosen plays, and finally, I chose a book that would give them the nuts and bolts of making changes to photos in Photoshop. I chose books based upon use as a resource...not to be used as a cover-to-cover read.

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